About Electric epilator

The epilator is a hair removal head that rotates at a high speed, grips the hair, and then quickly pull up. Although the speed is very fast, it is still very painful. If you have a long time, you will get used to it. Because a lot of hair is pulled out at the same time, sometimes you will see some hair follicles with a little bloodshot.

Special note 3 points:

  1. When this hair is suitable for a little bit of hair, it will be very painful and easy to bleed.
  2. After the hair is removed, the skin is very red. Always use aloe vera gel to calm the skin.
  3. The hair that grows out becomes soft, so the hair is easily broken with the epilator, and it is not clean, so I will match it like this: once with a hair removal knife and once with an epilator.

Maintenance time: 7 days or so


  • Don't use it on your face. I used it once, the skin was broken, the red one piece, and later it was cruel, super miserable.
  • If you are scared, it is best not to use an epilator, it is easy to leave a little black spot. I used the epilator twice on my leg, and then I left a little black spot, so I couldn't get away.

But the strange thing is that I don’t know how many times I used it on my arm, and I don’t have a black dot. It may also be that I ignored the skin of my legs after I took off my hair.

Philips Epilator HP6503 Lipu Epilator HP6503

Advantages: This is my first hair removal knife. It has been used for many years. It is plugged in, so there will be no power shortage. The quality is super good, it has been good for four or five years, but it was idle after the new love. It was also very clean. And the price is very cheap, about four hundred, the price is very high.

Disadvantages: Not waterproof, can only be used, it hurts!

Suitable for skin position: body

Philips Epilator HP6576

Advantages: It can also remove hair and shave.

Disadvantages: Low-cost performance, remember that it seems to be more than a thousand, said to be a ceramic head, but also to send a bunch of things, as well as smart lights! After half a year, the battery is broken and cannot be charged.

Suitable for skin position: body

Panasonic ES2081/2

Advantages: The same principle of hair removal, but it increases the automatic foaming, the foam can alleviate the pain of plucking. You only need to rub the shower gel and use it to pull the hair for a long time.

Disadvantages: The width is relatively narrow, and it is slower when used in large areas.

Suitable for skin position: body







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